About Us

Debbie Buckley

Why Downsized Living?

Downsized Living exists to take the worry out of life’s most stressful moments, moving house, especially as we get older. This transition can be overwhelming for the residents as well as the family. Downsizing and moving is not something you need to navigate alone.

Downsizing and moving an older person is much more than packing up possessions and calling a removalist. Downsized Living recognises that some clients have specific physical and emotional needs and plans for them during the moving process. Downsized Living considers your particular situation and plans accordingly to suit you.


Who is behind Downsized Living?

Meet Debbie Buckley.

Debbie is your practical problem solver with many decades of experience as a project manager, medical practice administrator, professional organiser and personal concierge. She excels at making people feel comfortable and putting minds at ease. Debbie plans the way forward, foreseeing issues and managing problems as they arise. She takes care of every detail, making Debbie your ideal guide through these times of transition.

After downsizing and moving her ageing mother into retirement accommodation in 2015, Debbie recognised the importance of support and guidance during such a life-changing event. She added senior move management into her professional organising and concierge business. Working with and guiding older Gold Coast residents to make their moves as stress-free and worry-free as possible is now her priority.

We aspire to the downsized way of life and work hard to implement it in our daily life. There is no shortage of glamorous shopping centres and online shopping options enticing us to part with our money. It’s easy to acquire more than we need. Some of us find it difficult to divest ourselves of belongings that may no longer serve us. Tough decisions are required from time to time, but there is a way to enjoy the things we love while still living with less.

Want to know more?

Family is everything to Debbie and her husband, and with their 4 adult kids still living on the Gold Coast, life is full. They enjoy being involved in their kids’ lives and love spending time with their 4 grandkids. Most weeks there is some kind of family adventure, a shared meal and the odd bit of childminding. Their life is fun and hectic at times, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

carefree fun of grandma and grandkids riding bikes
To Do list


Debbie loves a list and you will usually find her with pen and paper in hand….the old-fashioned way. Personal organisation hasn’t always been easy for her and she works hard at maintaining good organising habits. When it comes to her clients, it’s a different story. Nothing is left to chance, a process is followed and everything comes together nicely as we approach the moving day. She also writes lists for her clients to ensure they are on the same page at all times. 


Reading was a bit of a struggle in her younger years, but now, there are not enough hours in the day to read all that there is to read. Debbie is a lover of non-fiction books particularly business and personal development topics. However, since joining a monthly book club a few years ago, her reading has expanded considerably and she now enjoys all sorts of books and numerous genres thanks to the wonderful book club ladies.

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Sewing tools on clothes.


When Debbie isn’t looking after her family, clients, organising or reading, she can be found in her sewing room creating for herself or her grandkids. Her clever seamstress Mum, Norma, taught her to sew as a teenager and she takes great joy in creating with her hands and her trusty Pfaff sewing machine. It’s not always a neat and tidy area to look at! Fabric is her downfall and she loves to have several projects on the go at the same time.